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General Science

DNA Fingerprinting Simulation - Lab Investigation
Hands-on, inquiry-based simulation of DNA typing!
A DNA Murder Mystery - Lab Investigation
A fun way to learn about a topical, revolutionary technology
Exploring with a Microscope - Lab Investigation
A primer on using the microscope and slide-making techniques
Fingerprinting - A Forensic Puzzle - Lab Investigation
Apply the scientific method using actual FBI techniques
Forensics - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!!
How Scientists Do Science - Lab Investigation
A quick & fun way to teach the scientific method
Learning Activities with Everyday Oils - Lab Investigation
An integrated, hands-on curriculum on the scientific method
Measurement in the Laboratory - Lab Investigation
Study key measuring methods & techniques
Neo/C.S.I Crime Scene Investigations - Lab Investigation
A fascinating exploration of the science of criminal investigation!
Recycling Paper - Lab Investigation
Learn the "magic" behind this valuable resource!
Scientific Method - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!!
Scientific Problem Solving - A Look at the Scientific Method - Curriculum Module
A complete curriculum covering experimental design, problem solving techniques and lab skills
The Scientific Method of Problem Solving - Lab Investigation
Practice the scientific method through the testing and identification of unknown solutions!
Weather - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!


ABO-Rh Blood Typing Using Neo/BLOOD - Lab Investigation
Realistically simulate blood typing without the hazards of real blood
Analyzing Chromosomes through Karyotyping - Lab Investigation
Construct & analyze karyotypes
Analyzing DNA Fingerprints - Lab Investigation
Understand the latest in identification technology
Analyzing Plasmid DNA - Lab Investigation
Learn how plasmid DNA is used to transfer genes
Animal Tracks: Who Walked This Way? - Lab Investigation
Discover what can be learned from an animal’s tracks!
Battling Germs with Disinfectants - Lab Investigation
Safely learn how to stop the spread of bacteria!
The Biology & Chemistry of Soil - Lab Investigation
Investigate the diversity of life below the earth's surface
Biotech Cheesemaking - Lab Investigation
Put one of biotechnology's oldest applications to use in your own classroom
Biotechnology for Young Scientists - Lab Investigation
Introduce your students to the basic technique of biotechnology - electrophoresis - with this complete, safe, affordable, & easy-to-use system
Biotechnology in the Classroom - Investigation Series
A comprehensive, hands-on curriculum on biotechnology techniques and applications!.
Blood & the Circulatory System - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!!
Carbon Dioxide Production and Yeast - A Study of Fermentation - Lab Investigation
Investigate one of biotechnology's earliest applications
Cell Processes - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Digital and Hands-On Learning!
Chemical Reactions in Living Matter - Lab Investigation
Explore the importance of chemical reactions to life
Chromosome Simulation - Lab Investigation
Model each phase of mitosis and meiosis using hands-on manipulatives
Classification of Living Things - Lab Investigation
A fun way to learn about biodiversity
A Closer Look at Pondlife - Lab Investigation
Investigate pond ecosystems
Colors of Autumn - Lab Investigation
Identify the pigments that give leaves their color
Decomposers Everywhere! - Medialab
Understand the dynamic process of decomposition
Demonstrating Biotechnology Using Bioluminescent Proteins - Lab Investigation
Put one of biotechnology's oldest applications to use in your own classroom
Diagnosing Gene Defects - Lab Investigation
Examine the genetic mutation responsible for sickle cell anemia
Diagnosing a Genetic Illness - A DNA Test Simulation - Lab Investigation
Identify the DNA mutation that causes sickle cell anemia
DNA Fingerprinting - Lab Investigation
Simulate DNA fingerprinting using agarose gel electrophoresis
DNA Forensics - Lab Investigation
Explore the use of DNA technology in crime solving!
DNA Murder Mystery Challenge - Lab Investigation
Become a DNA forensic scientist!
DNA Paternity Testing Simulation - Lab Investigation
Identify family relations using the latest in DNA technology
Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Daphnia - Lab Investigation
Measure Daphnias heart rate in response to stimulants and depressants
Effects of Toxic Chemicals on Cells - Lab Investigation
Investigate the impact of hazardous chemicals on cell morphology
ELISA: HIV/AIDS Test Simulation - Lab Investigation
Investigate the principals behind AIDS testing
Examining Bacteria through Infusion - Lab Investigation
Recreate the classic experiments of Anton van Leewenhoek, the famed Dutch discoverer of bacteria!
Expedition to the Open Water - Plankton Play - Medialab
Learn how microlife forms adapt to the floating world in which they live
Exploring Cell Processes - Lab Investigation
Observe plant & animal cell processes
Exploring the Eye-Brain Connection - Lab Investigation
Investigate why seeing is not always believing!
Extracting DNA - Lab Investigation
Isolate & observe actual DNA in your classroom!
Food Chemistry & Nutrition - Lab Investigation
Understand the chemical basis of food content
Food Digestion - Lab Investigation
Explore how food is processed by the body!
The Frequency of Blood Types Using Neo/BLOOD - Lab Investigation
Safely simulate the distribution of blood types in a given population
Fungi - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Digital and Hands-On Learning!
Fungi Form & Function - Lab Investigation
Complete kit for the culture and study of fungi
Gene Quest - A DNA Simulation - Lab Investigation
Use DNA fingerprints to trace familiar relationships
Gene Technology & Cancer Prediction - Lab Investigation
Learn how gene technology can be used to analyze hereditary traits
Genes & Family Relations - Lab Investigation
Study inheritance patterns & their role in human genetics
Genes & Probability - Lab Investigation
Discover the fundamental principles of genetics
Genetic Detectives - Lab Investigation
Analyze a family trait – from roots to offspring!
Genetic Diagnosis of Cancer - Lab Investigation
Investigate the use of gene technology in the prediction of cancer
Genetically Modified Soybeans - Lab Investigation
Explore and observe the advantages of transgenic crops
Gram Staining of Bacteria - Lab Investigation
Identify bacteria - safely and conveniently
Growing BioFilms - Lab Investigation
A firsthand view of the beneficial and detrimental effects of biofilms!
Heredity of Human Traits - Lab Investigation
Fun, discovery-based introduction to human genetics & heredity
How Cells Reproduce - The Study of Mitosis - Lab Investigation
Witness cell division with your own eyes!
How Do Organisms Respond to Stimuli? - Lab Investigation
Explore Euglena’s adaptive behavior towards light and other stimuli!
How is a Food Web Organized - Lab Investigation
Game-like activity to learn about the feeding patterns of members in a community
How Viruses Travel - Lab Investigation
Simulate the spread of an illness through a population
Human Genetics - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!!
Identifying DNA Fragments through Electrophoresis - Lab Investigation
Separate & identify DNA fragments using agarose gel electrophoresis
Identifying DNA Landmarks - Lab Investigation
Learn how specific genes are located and identified
Identifying Mammals - Lab Investigation
Learn to identify unknown mammals!
Insect Architecture - Lab Investigation
Take a firsthand look at insects, their architecture and habitats!
Insect Life Cycle - Lab Investigation
Explore insect life cycle - in the classroom and in the field!
Introduction to Genetic Engineering - Lab Investigation
Observe transformation results overnight!
Investigating Animal Behavior - Lab Investigation
Study the response of organisms to environmental conditions
Investigating Food Webs with Owl Pellets - Lab Investigation
Explore the fascinating world of predator-prey relations
Investigating Inheritance Patterns - Lab Investigation
Trace inherited traits using DNA fingerprinting
Investigating Photosynthesis - Lab Investigation
Explore how plants and algae carryout photosynthesis
Investigating Spontaneous Generation - Lab Investigation
Recreate Pasteur's classic experiment
Linking Blood Donors and Recipients Using Neo/BLOOD - Lab Investigation
Investigate blood transfusions and blood banking
Looking at Life - From Bacteria to Plants - Curriculum Module
Explore the diversity of life with a complete curriculum on microlife and plants
Meiosis Simulation - Lab Investigation
A fun & easy way to learn about the formation of sex cells
Microbe Scavenger Hunt - Lab Investigation
Explore the microworld in your environment
Milk Madness - Lab Investigation
Witness the thrill of discovery through active student participation!
Minerals and Plant Nutrition - Lab Investigation
The importance of nutrients in the growth of plants
Mitosis & Meiosis - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Digital and Hands-On Learning!
Mitosis Simulation - Lab Investigation
An easy, graphic way to visualize the process of mitosis
Modeling DNA Structure & the Process of Replication - Lab Investigation
Replicate the double helix strucure of DNA
Modeling Kidney Function - Lab Investigation
Model the action of a kidney for a striking visual demonstration
Modeling Proteins, Fats & Carbohydrates - Lab Investigation
A 3-D study of some of life's most important molecules
Mouse Chromosomes Studies - Lab Investigation
Explore the critical role of Mus in comparative karyotyping!
The Mystery of the Bloody Stain Using Neo/BLOOD - Lab Investigation
Learn how blood stains can be used to solve crimes
Observation of Heterokaryone through Cell Fusion - Lab Investigation
A firsthand look at the difference in heterokaryon formation between mice and humans
Observing the Growth of Mutant Corn Seeds - Lab Investigation
Investigate the effects of mutation on plant growth
Osmosis & Diffusion - Lab Investigation
Explore the essential processes of homeostasis
Owl Pellets - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!
Plant - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!
Plant & Leaf Identification - Lab Investigation
Learn how to easily identify common plant structures
Plant Life Cycle - Lab Investigation
A fascinating, hands-on exploration of plant germination & growth
Plant Pigments & Photosynthesis - Lab Investigation
Study plant chromatography - safely & easily!
Plasmid DNA Analysis - Lab Investigation
Study the structure and function of plasmid DNA
Pondlife - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!
Predators of the Shallows - Medialab
Learn about micro predators and how they locate, attack and digest their prey!
Preparation of Human Chromosome Spreads - Lab Investigation
Prepare chromosome spreads using actual human cells!
Protozoans & Algae - Food for All - Medialab
Explore the diversity of microlife in the weedy shallows
Radiation Effects on Plant Growth - Lab Investigation
Safely explore the impact of radiation on plant development
Restriction Enzyme Site Mapping of DNA - Lab Investigation
Locate and identify genes using agarose gel electrophoresis
Separating and Identifying DNA Fragments - Lab Investigation
Learn the critical role restriction enzymes play in genetic engineering
Simulated Diabetes Testing - Lab Investigation
Use simulated Neo/BLOOD and simulated urine to learn about this increasingly common disease
Simulating DNA Paternity Testing - Lab Investigation
Use agarose gel electrophoresis to test family ties
Simulating Natural Selection - Lab Investigation
Game-line format simulates the natural selection that occurred in peppered moths!
The Soil-Less Garden - Lab Investigation
Discover the fascinating world of hydroponics
Symbiosis in Nature - Lab Investigation
Explore a symbiotic relationship between clover root nodules & bacteria
Transdermal Drug Delivery - Lab Investigation
Featured in Prentice-Hall's new Biology text by Miller-Levine
Understanding Agarose Gel Electrophoresis - Lab Investigation
An introduction to the electrophoretic process
Understanding Biotechnology Techniques - Lab Investigation
Fun and engaging simulated activities to learn about biotechnology
Understanding Enzymes - Lab Investigation
Investigate the catalysts of life
Understanding Gel Electrophoresis - Lab Investigation
Study electrophoresis using multicolored dyes
Understanding the Genetics of Blood Groups Neo/BLOOD - Lab Investigation
Hands-on instruction on the fundamental concepts of human inheritance
Understanding Human Senses - Lab Investigation
Explore the capabilities & limitations of the human sensory system
Understanding the Human Genome - Lab Investigation
Comprehensive, hands-on curriculum on human genetics
Urinalysis & Disease Identification - Lab Investigation
Use simulated urine to identify a variety of physiological conditions
Using Biotechnology to Make Snow - Lab Investigation
Explore the use of biotechnology in actual, commercial applications
Viruses & Bacteria - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Digital and Hands-On Learning!
Visualization of Normal & Transformed Cells - Lab Investigation
Observe the differences between normal and tumor cells
Visualizing Osmosis & Diffusion - Lab Investigation
Vividly demonstrate selective permeability using colored solutions

Environmental Science

Air Quality - Lab Investigation
Create particle traps and identify pollutants in our air!
Bacterial Contamination of Water - Test Kit
A firsthand look at water contamination by bacteria
Cleaning Up Oil Spills with Oil-Hungry Bacteria - Lab Investigation
Observe the use of microbes for oil degradation
Do Landfills Really Work? - Lab Investigation
Investigate the effectiveness of landfills in disposing of solid waste
Exploring Groundwater Contamination - Lab Investigation
Visualize the potential contamination of groundwater
How Pollution Affects Plants - Lab Investigation
Observe the impact of industrial wastes on plant systems
Investigating Water Pollutants & Water Analysis - Lab Investigation
Introduce your students to the basics of water pollution analysis
Our Natural World - Environmental Issues and Solutions - Curriculum Module
A complete curriculum covering enviromental quality, pollution and remediation
Porosity of Soils & Waterflow - Lab Investigation
An easy-to-understand primer on groundwater
Simulating the Effects of Acid Rain - Lab Investigation
A startling look at one of our most important environmental challenges
Testing Drinking Water - Test Kit
A complete water science lesson in each kit!
Testing Ponds & Streams - Test Kit
A complete water science lesson in each kit!
Testing for Dissolved Oxygen - Test Kit
A complete water science lesson in each kit!
Testing Wastewater - Test Kit
A complete water science lesson in each kit!
Water Pollutants & Purification - Lab Investigation
Demonstrate the key concepts of water treatment
What Happens to Trash & Garbage? - Lab Investigation
Authored by Presidential Medal of Science winner, Lynn Margulis
Why is the Water Green? - Lab Investigation
Investigate how common pollutants affect pond microlife

Earth Science

Chemical & Mechanical Weathering of Rocks - Lab Investigation
Explore how weathering affects the earth's surface
Classification of Soil Layers - Lab Investigation
Discover the conditions that caused your local soils to form!
Cool Minerals - Lab Investigation
Explore interesting properties and applications of minerals!
Exploring the Weather - Lab Investigation
Explore the fascinating world of meteorology
Force & Motion - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!
Fossil Casting - Lab Investigation
Create molds and castsof a dozen fossil replicas!
Fossil Formation & Identification - Lab Investigation
Learn how fossils help in studying the earth's past
Fossil Interpretation: The Present is the Key to the Past! - Lab Investigation
Use fossilized remains to link extinct organisms with their modern day descendants!
Genetics - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Digital and Hands-On Learning!
Geology Dig - Lab Investigation
Teacher’s Choice Award Winner!
Geology Field Trip in a Bag - Lab Investigation
Take a field trip without leaving the classroom!
Household Uses of Rocks and Minerals - Lab Investigation
An inquiry-based activity on the properties and uses of natural resources in the home
How Minerals Get Their Color - Lab Investigation
Explore the relationship between the chemical composition of minerals and the spectrum
Investigating Amber Fossils - Lab Investigation
Uncover prehistoric insects trapped in amber!
Living Sands: Mapping Time & Space with Forams - Lab Investigation
Authored by Lynn Margulis and Lois Brynes
Microscopy - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Digital and Hands-On Learning!
Mineral Formation & Identification - Lab Investigation
Introduce your students to the world of minerals
Minerals - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-on Activities
Modeling Crystal Structures - Lab Investigation
Create crystal shapes that help identify minerals
Mohs Hardness Scale - Test Kit
Learn how important and reliable the property of hardness is to mineral identification!
Rock & Mineral - Test Kit
Conduct a series of tests to distinguish between rocks & minerals
Rock Formation & Identification - Lab Investigation
Investigate the rock cycle
Rocks & Minerals in Industry - Lab Investigation
A real-world investigation of the natural resources used in industry
Simulating the Rock Cycle - Lab Investigation
Experience the dynamic rock cycle!
Time Marches On: A Geologic Time - Game
Master the events of geologic time!

Physical Science

Density of Liquids - Lab Investigation
Dramatic, visual demonstration of how density causes liquids to behave!
Determining Density - Lab Investigation
Determine the volumetric prperties of irregularly shaped objects!
Electricity & Magnetism - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!
Elements, Mixtures & Compounds - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!
Experimenting with Static Electricity - Lab Investigation
Investigate the properties and transfer of electric charges
Heat & Energy - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!
How Heat Flows - Investigating Heat & Temperature - Lab Investigation
An introduction to heat transfer and energy
Investigating Electricity - Lab Investigation
Inquiry-based activities covering the basics of electricity
Investigating Force & Motion - Lab Investigation
Apply the principles of force & motion to the physical world around us
Investigating Gravity - Lab Investigation
Introduce your students to earth's primary force
Investigating Light & Optics - Lab Investigation
Explore how light & color impact our perceptions of objects
Investigating Sound Waves - Lab Investigation
Delve into the world of sound!
Light & Optics - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!
Magnets & Magnetism - Lab Investigation
Investigate the properties of magnets
Our Physical World II: Electricity, Magnetism, Sound & Light - Curriculum Module
Explore basic physical science fundamentals with a modular curriculum
Pulleys as Simple Machines - Lab Investigation
Discover the mechanical advantage of pulleys!
Simple Machines - Lab Investigation
Investigate the principles behind work and machines
Simple Machines & Efficiency - Lab Investigation
A hands-on exploration of machine efficiency
SMITHSONIAN Holo-Dome: Optical Illusion Dome - Activity Model
Make incredible 3-D illusions!
SMITHSONIAN Magnets - Lab Investigation
Explore the fascinating world of magnets!
Waves & Sound - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!
Working with an Optical Bench - Lab Investigation
Explore light, lenses and vision with an optical bench


Acids, Bases & Salts - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!!!
Assembling a Periodic Table - Lab Investigation
A fun way to learn about the organization and use of the periodic table
Chemical Changes - Lab Investigation
A hands-on overview of basic chemical reactions!
Chemical Reactions - Curriculum Pack
Integrate Computer Learning with Hands-On Activities!
Chemical Reactions - Lab Investigation
Conduct an interdisciplinary exploration of chemical reactions
Chemiluminescence - Demonstration
Learn the chemistry behind a firefly's glow
Chemistry Magic - Demonstration
Show your students the famed "Blue Bottle Reaction"
Clock Reaction - Demonstration
Safely display the role of temperature and concentration on reactions
A Closer Look at Aspirin - Lab Investigation
Investigate the chemistry behind aspirin's effects
A Closer Look at Polymers - Making Slime - Lab Investigation
A fun way to explore the properties of long-chain polymers
A Closer Look at Soaps & Detergents - Lab Investigation
Explore the chemistry behind these common household products
A Closer Look at Toothpastes - Lab Investigation
A fun look at how toothpaste works!
The Colorful Chemistry of Acids & Bases - CD-ROM
A firsthand look at the significance of color changes in chemicals!
Consumer Chemistry - Lab Investigation
Explore the chemistry behind common household products
Disappearing Ink - Demonstration
The case of the mysterious disappearing ink!
Elements, Mixtures & Compounds - Lab Investigation
Introduce your students to the fundamentals of chemistry
Flame Test of Chemicals - Lab Investigation
Learn how elements can be identified using flames
General Chemistry Molecular Model - Lab Investigation
Assemble and visualize the 3-D structure of chemical compounds
How Effective is an Antacid? - Lab Investigation
What's in an antacid?
Identification of Organic Molecules - Game
Simple, yet ingeneous card game makes learning organic chemistry fun!
Introduction to Chromatography - Lab Investigation
Perform this basic laboratory technique
Modeling Basic Chemical Structures - Lab Investigation
Explore the 3-D configurations of common molecules
Organic Chemistry Molecular Model - Lab Investigation
Build 3-D models of organic compounds
Polymers - Lab Investigation
Investigate the long-chain polymers and their attributes!
Polymers as Straws - Lab Investigation
An engaging way to study the chemistry & use of polymers
Rust Race - Lab Investigation
An introduction to oxidation-reduction reactions
Shampoo Chemistry - Lab Investigation
What's in a shampoo?
Soda Pop Science - Lab Investigation
An inquiry-based investigation of a familiar product
Thermochemistry: Chemical Hot & Cold Packs - Demonstration
An exciting look at chemical reactions and heat
Traffic Light Reaction - Demonstration
Vivid demonstration of oxidation-reduction reactions
Understanding Acids, Bases & Salts - Lab Investigation
A complete, safe and convenient introduction to these key compounds
Understanding pH - Lab Investigation
An inquiry-based approach to understanding acidity & alkalinity

Curriculum Packs

Curriculum Module - Set
Comprehensive instruction for Life, Earth and Physical Science !

Curriculum Modules

Cell Structure & Cell Processes - Curriculum Module
Complete “curriculum-in-a-box” provides a comprehensive look at cells
Genetics - The Science of Heredity - Curriculum Module
A comprehensive curriculum covering genetics & heredity
Human Biology & Health - Curriculum Module
Comprehensive curriculum provides an in-depth look at the human body

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